ICE Corporate Event Planner Research supported by Cvent
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The 4th annual report from the In-house Corporate Event (ICE) community, in partnership with Cvent, provides a comprehensive overview of critical challenges faced by corporate event organisers. This insightful study, based on data from over 130 planners across the UK, Europe, and North America, sheds light on key concerns. 

Budget constraints, sustainability, remuneration, and organisational roles have emerged as pressing issues affecting both short and long-term industry outlooks. The report highlights a growing fiscal strain due to inflation and heightened expectations, resulting in salary dissatisfaction for over half of the professionals surveyed. 

Technology is increasingly viewed as a crucial ally, offering end-to-end solutions from registration to reporting, budgeting, and engagement tools. The report also underscores communication challenges with stakeholders, potentially impacting event teams' roles and value within corporate structures. 

With a notable shift towards events aligning with marketing functions, rising from 55% to 71%, the report offers valuable insights into the evolving landscape of corporate event planning. Additionally, sustainability concerns remain prominent, primarily linked to budget limitations. 

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ICE Cororate Event Planner Research supported by Cvent